Internet babies

So this is kinda off the topic of usual rural hipsterish stuff but I have one question:

Is it now required that when a baby is born it has a myspace?


ps… indoor veggie post in the works


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ruralhipster is sad that summer is over, officially; and in no particular order will miss:

  • biking 100 miles
  • riding again the next day
  • energy drinks at the bike club the day after that
  • cooking (burning..) local produce over a campfire for dinner
  • sweaty circle pits
  • packing pbr’s on the bike rack for a swim in the river
  • sleeping outside because it’s free
  • making other people feel bad about being inside.

yet.. cold weather means drinking to keep warm, xc skiing in the dark, stealing pumpkins from the park service, less sweaty circle pits, having a non-suspicious reason to wear balaclavas, stashing beer in the snow to keep it cold, exit 19 cycloX, learning to hold a line biking on ice roads, terrarium gardening, deciding if 18 degrees f is warm enough to bike in.

and still feeling arrogant about being outside.


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Eat local.

‘Saturday, September 6 Northwest NJ Foodshed Alliance  hosts the 3rd annual Northwest Jersey BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL Farm and Food Open House: A day of farm tours*, local food tasting prepared by amazing chefs  and Slow Food cooks at some locations, and an amazing local food dinner prepared by of NJ’s most talented, passionate chefs and served at the farm.

From 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, come visit local farms, meet the farmers and learn firsthand about growing food in Northern New Jersey. At 5:00 pm, get excited about making local food a part of your every day menu as you taste dishes made from ingredients fresh from the field, grown and raised by farmers in your “backyard”. ‘

Locavore=the logical evolution from grocery store vegan (“don’t think your hands are clean just cause you stay clear of the dairy aisle”) . Food that is fresh. Real. Sustainable. Food that tells a story. Live radical, eat local.


* ruralhipster emphatically endorses touring by bicycle.

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Fixed gear project 1.

Found in a friends backyard converted using leftover parts to a fixed gear machine.


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Rural Hipster?

Rural – In modern usage, rural areas can have an agricultural character, though many rural areas are characterized by an economy based on logging, mining, petroleum and natural gas exploration, wind or solar power or tourism. Rural areas are often labeled “the middle of nowhere“, due to little or no modern development.

Hipster – Hipster culture is associated with indie, independent, non commercial, and non profit choices of consumption in any and all aspects of life. This includes listening to independent rock or any form of non-mainstream music, thrift store shopping, eating organic, locally grown, vegetarian, and/or vegan food, drinking local or brewing beer, listening to public radio, etc. Hipster scenes are associated with riding bicycles, vintage clothing and vinyl records, and magazines like Vice and Clash and website Pitchfork Media.

Here we go…


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