ten in 2010!

Nothing ends another year like a top ten list!

50+ free 4th of July fireworks displays from abandoned AT fire towers (after bumming free beer from foreign camp counselors)

ten-strong critical mass taking the lanes of htown…and the graveyards

-illegal punk shows on main st with more bikes than hipsters

waitress having a yuengling waiting for you after 4 hours of loaded bike touring

-biking 80 miles to the warped tour followed by 3 hours in the pit

all those windmills creating more wind in the world

vegan sushi bars

29ers and singlespeeds ruling the woods

24 hrs of mud, hills are tough but rain really sucks

cross races are more fun in ny

We move onward to a year full of even more uncharted adventure, wilderness exploration, fun, danger, and everything in between. Some traditions will return, others inevitably end, and more are waiting to be created…a homebrewing kit ready to give life to undiscovered beer, new singletrack lying dormant under ice and snow, stories of an epic journey to be made that some only dream about (if we make it back alive –or if we make it back at all!)

2010…the end of a very strange and new decade. We make no resolutions but to live as freely as possible, keep ourselves in the moment, and challenge the limits of common sense and our own bodies. Instead of signifying the dawn of the future, to us 2010 is yet another cycle of spring to winter. Another chance to do it all again. And a really good bad religion song




3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    dsangie said,

    Great!! happy new year yous guys

  2. 2

    dean said,

    ya’ll wanna ride this?

    convenient brevet

  3. 3

    ruralhipster said,

    I would definitely do it! but it should be on a sunday! :/

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