Why Ride?

I am asked on almost regular basis why do I ride my bicycle so much? (Among many other questions about things I do that I guess are strange?)

I have a tendency to just answer “cause its what I do” or “why not”. I am the guy that can skate any question and never commits to anything. But I have been thinking about why I ride and especially with the cold weather, snow, and ice in full swing. So if I had to sum it up in one word it would have to be freedom.

When I get on a bike nothing maters my mind is free, I can do what I want. I can ride far, or short, fast or slow, by myself or with people, to work or the store or absolutely no where. Who is going to stop me?

Its not just the freedom its fun its being a kid again with not a care in the world. So when the weather gets bad, the roads get slippery, the road bike goes away and out come the fat tires and comfortable ride of the cross bike.

So why do other people ride? I ask cause those road bikes in tight packs flying across the gravel from the last ice storm, are they ever smiling? Are they having fun? Why do they ride?  I know they are not smiling when they are sliding out of control and the picking gravel out of themselves for the next week. And bike trainers are cruel and unusual punishment, riding inside and not going anywhere completely goes against my freedom thing.

So when the sun comes out and there is a break in the snow I’ll be the guy smiling and riding in style on a bike that can handle some gravel, snow, and ice,  and if there is anyone with me you can place money we will be side by side enjoying the views and the freedom.



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