ruralhipster is sad that summer is over, officially; and in no particular order will miss:

  • biking 100 miles
  • riding again the next day
  • energy drinks at the bike club the day after that
  • cooking (burning..) local produce over a campfire for dinner
  • sweaty circle pits
  • packing pbr’s on the bike rack for a swim in the river
  • sleeping outside because it’s free
  • making other people feel bad about being inside.

yet.. cold weather means drinking to keep warm, xc skiing in the dark, stealing pumpkins from the park service, less sweaty circle pits, having a non-suspicious reason to wear balaclavas, stashing beer in the snow to keep it cold, exit 19 cycloX, learning to hold a line biking on ice roads, terrarium gardening, deciding if 18 degrees f is warm enough to bike in.

and still feeling arrogant about being outside.


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